March 21, 2011

sometimes its kind of hard to be a single dad lmao by michael inscoe

sometimes its kind of hard to be a single dad sometimes

except when i meat hot girls at the park lol!

jk ok it is very satisfying to know that i am responsible for the future of this beautiful world

except when the games on no crying!lol

jk seriously who will love me now i mean jason is already 7 months i don't know what to do when i am crying and vomiting from changing his diaper trust me ive done that more than once lol

i dont think i can do this on my own

why is diaper spelled like that


shaun said...

hahaha that fucking title and "meat hot girls"

Alexander J. Allison said...

i feel resentful towards children also.

good to see the game takes priority.

the game


oh no.

stephen said...


made me think about @teendad13

i like how the lols seem tonally dissonant or something

poncho said...

this made me laugh really hard

i like it a lot

Crispin Best said...

BEST SO FAR!!!!! (maybe 2nd best but definitely top 3 or 5)

jkkkkkkkkkk BEST