March 22, 2011

A fart cycle. by rod naquin

I will not make any more boring farts.

A very interesting and institutionally reified fart celebrated by all critics and benefactors in all stations of the proliferating artworld.

You cannot see me because I am a fart.

"To see something as art requires something the eye cannot descry—an atmosphere of theory, a knowledge of history: a fartworld." Danto

I am making farts.

"A certain social institution (the fartworld) has conferred the status of candidate for appreciation." Dickie

A fart not found.

A fart infinitely expanding; a circularly manifested and argued fart residing in manifold silence. A fart modified and exquisitely detailed.

A way silly fart.

A fart I can't even stop laughing at cause it was so dumb and it really sounded funny, kind of like an animal noise or something.

A fart you never even heard of but that's sort of why it's really, really cool.

A really expensive fart.

A fart implicitly considered as art.

I'm starting to think that all the things a fart does are all the things an art does.

I'm your resident fartist!

Why Art Is Like A Fart

I was going to do an art for the kids but turns out there ain't nothing better than a fart.

We join our farts together and do not claim them as our own.

A very serious and philosophically principled fart preceded by years of technical study and supported critically by agents of the fartworld.

A fart that started as an art that hence has fallen all apart and ought regard a thought as naught accordingly as all the smarts had taught.

This is all your fart.

This is all your art.

It's so funny the way your art is; it's so funny the way your fart is.

That fart was so hilarious.

A fart to troll them all.

An art to rule them all.

A whole world made of farts is a child's fantasy.
A whole world made of art is my reality.

Welcome all serious artists! I am sorry, I am merely a silly fartist.

A fart that rhymes; a fart straight from the heart.

A real sexy and provocative fart that is at times unnervingly arousing and makes one question the very nature of a sensual aesthetic.

A fart that's so wrong and inappropriate but that's sort of why all these people started talking about it in the first place.

A fart you didn't even want anyone to hear even though you knew it had to come out but then you were surprised by its musicality.

It wasn't a fart that you thought would go over well but it turns out that you were wrong and all kinds of people appreciated it.

A fart you didn't even like when you expelled it and you still don't like it but for some reason all kinds of people really dig it.

A fart that was an afterthought.

A fart that is a product of procedure and perhaps chance operations relating to its audience through a theorized interstice.

A fart that was documented and will be studied for years to come as an exemplar of a highly developed style and a vessel for a teaching.

A fart that was never owned and cannot in any way imaginable be sold.

A fart that is never, ever finished.

It was a fart,
Or was it?

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Christopher said...

Right now, I am sitting in an art studio where beginning painters are practicing representational acrylic with a nude model. I so badly want to read this poem aloud. Cheers!