March 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary (Patrick Stephens) by Frank Hinton

The meat is delicious and filling.
Shaken while raw.
I thought I saw cancer about the pink.
Wet of it. Bone pricks. Bone of it.

We’ve been together half of a year.
Your ecosystem
Is killing me.
You’re killing me Patrick.
Ghost Patrick. Smoke sucker.
Patrick Stephens has man-boobs.
There is no Patrick Stephens.

Brain’d a cheese whiz sandwich
Thumb Thumb Thumb.
A few people saw me do it, too.
I just watched American History X last week.
That’s why.
Not really. 

I can’t think of a single person
I’ve ever told the truth to.
This to life and then to this.
And over. 

Someone told me how to make beer
At a party. Last night.
Hops and barley and shit.
I forget everything the guy said.
And he was so compelling. 

Like a craps table.
Me and men.
7 in and out.  
Indeterminable duration of rounds.
Pure probability. Things in you
On you around you. Glitter debris.
Trash me.

Your cheeks are red.
Your dinner is cold.
I'm nagging again.


stephen said...


i like it


this line: "This to life and then to this."

Ben Rosamond said...

"glitter debris" is a really nice phrase

Jen Knox said...

I love that there's nothing delicate or light or frilly about it. It's hearty and rich and wonderful.

frank hinton said...


Cassandra Troyan said...

This is so good Frank.
Write more poetry.

Here is Joe McHugh said...

This gets right down to businesss. That forth line is kickass and I enjoy Your ecosystem / is killing me. The stanza with the beer guy is good too.