March 19, 2011

I know nothing about the band Suede by xTx

I am going to shit the longest shit
the longest shit
will be hooked to my brains
at the end
and i will mourn them
before i flush

my brains
bye brains

i know nothing about downloading ringtones

I am going to crash a bridal shower today
i will be 'a friend from work named Dierdra'
my nametag will read, Fruhkeesha the Freeksta
i will spike the punchbowl
i will bring flowers
i will eat their food
the hottest grandma will do drugs with me
on the kitchen floor

i know nothing about being one of the 'cool kids'

I downloaded Morrissey songs
until my tits engorged and exploded
my stupid laptop got
and died
now I hate Morrissey songs

stupid Morrissey and
horrific empty titbags
flat against my belly busted
water balloons

a bird flew up into the rafters and i can't see it anymore


Jeremy Bauer putty teeth said...


i'm into it

magick mike said...


shaun said...

>the hottest grandma

oh my god that is so awesome

Crispin Best said...

hehe ringtones
so nice

Here is Joe McHugh said...

hell yea