March 20, 2011

sure is pee tho by shannon peil

it smells like pee
in my house
and someone said
it might be my cat
it doesn't smell
like cat pee at all
it smells
like human pee
which makes sense
because there are four
humans living here
and only one cat
but still
i don't think any of us
are going around
peeing on things
and blaming it
on a smaller mammal
just for the fuck of it


Ras. said...

@title: at least some things are knowable.

Ian said...

my cats come into my room and piss on my clothes if i forget to put them away, as if because they're on the floor, it gives the cats the RIGHT to piss on them. some bullshit.

Sarah Cunningham said...

This should be a broadside.

Here is Joe McHugh said...

This is a doosie of a humdinger

Shannon Peil said...

@Ian that's the law of the floor bro

DJ Berndt said...

haha, very cool.

just for the fuck of it.

shaun said...

our cats got moved to my bedroom because they attacked the tiny dog and now my room smells like a litterbox :< NO FUCK YOU, MOM

☄Russ☁ said...

we got a dog and our house smells like pee a lot.
but that's because he does pee on things.