March 21, 2011


you do not 'love' that movie

you are a boring person who has only seen that movie

because you heard it was 'bad ass'

or because you think the woman in it is hot

i'm going to fucking kill you

because you won't shut the fuck up

about whatever stupid shit

you watched on netflix

i want to set your laptop on fire

because i don't care about anything you

have to say

i don't even want to hate-fuck you

that is how much i hate you

please shut up


please shut up

i want to die when you talk about pasolini

i want to die when you tell me how awesome jodorowsky is

i want to set myself on fire when you announce the merits of fassbinder

shut the fuck up


you're making me hate everything

harder than normal

god damn it


DJ Berndt said...

the part about hate fucking is awesome.

nice dude.

Ras. said...

[i got holy mountain on my coffee table right now its gonna be sooooo goooooood gonna write a poem about it]

magick mike said...

i actually really like pasolini & fassbinder and I am decently ok with Jodorowsky (mostly just Holy Mountain) but god damn i wish people would shut the fuck up about them

shaun said...

u mad

☄Russ☁ said...

luv u mike

Ras. said...

this is how i feel about LUPE FIASCO.

stephen said...

ummm like... why dont you fecking focus on yr own pleasure and like fecking just follow it 2 the endz of the earf ok?

JK <3 u MikeY!! ~*=~)~~**

magick mike said...


hate criticism is bad

hate poems are good

welcum II earf

daniel bailey said...

hahahaha. what about people who pretty much just use their netflix to watch ghost adventure?

shaun said...

i used my netflix just to watch all the seasons of angel and buffy