March 20, 2011

Verbally Dominant Individual needed for Regressive Shitshow - w4mw - 23 by Ras. Mashramani

Handraising young woman seeks male or female for choking slapping physical restraint emotional intensity non-tacky ageplay and psychological abuse.

By non-tacky I mean make it real. Like groom me. Like act like you love me. Get erections while helping me with my homework. Single me out.  Act like you respect me around your friends and trap me in the bathroom later. Drop your voice every time. Make it a reverse safe word. Make me special. Say, ‘What do we need a safe word for?’. Let the safe word be Uncle. Better yet, let it be Mommy. Make it real. Make me your special girl. I don’t want to miss the heavily sexualized grade-schooler, I wanna be the heavily sexualized grade-schooler. Be a feminist. Be a social worker. Be a parent. Be my teenaged cousin. Be this girl Curlina’s dad and rub on my ass at the edge of the pool. Laugh it off. Be a paradox. Grab me whenever we’re alone in a car. First tell me I’m beautiful whenever, then only tell me I’m beautiful after I perform. Marry me. I want it behind closed doors. Say, ‘WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS FAMILY STAYS IN THIS FAMILY.’

I won’t speak unless you make me and I won’t move unless you move me. Just use my past to make you come. Just define my worth systematic and corporeal.

Don’t reply  unless you know how the warm breeze from the smile of an authority figure can be really really worth it.

Send a picture so I know you’re not my boss. 420 friendly.


shaun said...

oh my fucking god my brains are all over the walls after reading this

Ian said...

this was really, really, really cool. 420 friendly, great line to end on.

Jeremy Bauer said...

woop + !

Anonymous said...

am i supposed to be aroused now? b/c i definitely am.

Ras. said...

you would be anonymous.

Khalym Kari Burke-Thomas said...

'Handraising young woman.' I know the type because I am the type. This poem is the truth. Personally, I prefer Uncle.