March 20, 2011

when all the grains of sand get together to make the desert that is really good teamwork by james schiller

most of us will not live

to see the day our culture is bereft of oprah

blistered, the stars will thus align

this is the gist of it:

none of us will be intoxicated

by the consensus chirp of birds

dirt, synthesizers

magazines will reveal

0 new ways to excavate the g spot

mysteries will collapse

though all of us will be absent

we can still imagine

pain that does not yet exist

in that sense we are a family

huddled through the years and staring

at the ocean as it sneaks up

and then slinks back

fucking with our ability

to predict the hour of its final invasion

never forget

nature is way put together:

face. body. brain.

and i’m so attracted to the catastrophic

forms of human addiction

that my body stays very busy

discarding bits of skin on other people

like a trail of breadcrumbs

so they can find their way back

today i feel that the moon is cold

persecuted, weak with crater

and yanking on all our water for companionship

a dry unreachable treasure

not dissimilar from heaven

the invisible authority

dryhumping our activated lives

into some perplexing examination

just as i search for a pair of hands

or many pairs of hands

that will want to orbit me

and pull my clothing away from my body

moon or many moons:

we could accomplish something amazing

if you were willing to be obsessed

with how quickly i can dump blood into my genitals

or if i could simply convince you

that i would not sentence

all the earth’s water to your surface

if and when it goes homicidal

as if terraforming was a punishment

where one substance becomes a newer

more acceptable substance

the way people transmute

work into money

and money into almost anything

that amplifies loneliness

yes, the absolute value

of that equation is work=loneliness

which is what the earth tells me

when i am weak

and employing phraseology

like ‘i could care less’

which is less of a statement than a challenge:

the first one to apathy wins


Ras. said...

i'm always a sucker for bloody genitals.

susie said...

honey, oprah will outlive us all

shaun said...

that title stomps

adele daney said...

hey man what a relavent...
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