March 20, 2011

Diplodocus by Stacey Teague

i am a diplodocus
i do things that dinosaurs do

i am a pretty chilled out bro

walk around
eat some foliage
it's all good

do not fuck with me
i will swoop you
with my tail

seriously though
the late jurassic period is tough for a sauropod,

i feel no meaning in life

we are the only dinosaurs
that are aware of our own existence

this is something that wikipedia does not tell you
this is something our fossils do not tell you

in our brains we know
that we are born to die
and we feel the heaviness
of being alive

we are vegetarians for moral reasons

we love one another
we feel things

when we die
our bodies will be devoured by a ceratosaurus


Shannon Peil said...

Laughing so hard right now

Ben Rosamond said...

hey stacey wanna make a chapbook of dinosaur poems

Anonymous said...

this was great.

stephen said...

sweet :)

Crispin Best said...

so strong
the strongest

Jess said...

love this
made me giggle in the car