March 22, 2011

smoking and skinny jeans by omar de col

i want to write a zombie film
where the main character quits smoking
the same day as the zombie apocalypse
then in the trailer
the tag line will be (in a dramatic trailer voice over)
"he picked the wrong day to quit smoking"
the main character will be wearing skinny jeans
and they will become highly impractical
after 2-3 days


The Friendly Gatekeeper said...

Hey omar, can you post this on the new LPP site? I'd already archived the site and posted/tweaked it by the time this popped up. Thanks!

marshall said...

there could be a line like "goddamn i need a cigarette"

that could be the catch phrase

Omar said...

sure thing

Gabbana Jeans said...

You made these at home? Its looking awesome.