ATTENTION! Let People Poems is now located here:

Let People Poems is social self-publishing. It is a community of contributors. It is a level playing field.

The lack of contributor's notes and submission windows place the emphasis on content. These are not new concepts, but they are good ones.


There are no editors.


Email letpeoplepoems at gmail dot com from an account with a profile simply requesting to be added to our author list. It will be done. Then, hop onto the site and add the text you want people to read. You win!


- No contributor's notes following your post.
- Put your name next to the title of the poem; this allows for easier archive perusal.
- Follow the steps for contribution - don't email us the poem! We're here to let YOU poem, not to poem FOR you!
- No double-posting - this allows a variety of content to form. That just means if you still have the latest post, you can't post again. If you've waited a week and you're still the latest post, you gotta wait some more. If you've posted, then someone else posts after you within minutes, you're free to post again - but let's still be considerate of others, folks!
- Not a rule, but a suggestion: comments are enabled for a reason, and it is that we are a community. Discussion and feedback in posts are encouraged.


letpeoplepoems at gmail dot com happily takes care of those, as well.