March 21, 2011

white like trash and wet like my back by ana c.

the last time i had fun with my cousins
was that one time when i watched them
play videogames

they hurt their enemies with chairs

i wish i could smash chairs
on heads and not get
in trouble for it


steve roggenbuck said...

kewl reminds me of playing wrestling video games

giles ruffer said...

reminds me of watching my severely asthmatic neighbour playing DOOM/Duke Nukem and never getting a turn.

frank hinton said...

feels like there are feelings about watching boys play games that have not yet been perfectly explored. This is sticking a finger into that feeling.

shaun said...

i hurt my enemies with chairs irl

Matt Margo, said...

WCW: Where smashing someone over the head with a chair is an act worthy of applause rather than detestation.

Shannon Peil said...

and in all the little boys heads they really do want to smash their friends with chairs but only playfully and only if their moms dont get mad