March 21, 2011

I will never let you be a corpse by Joe McHugh

I am going to do it on the hottest day
It will be very hot and humid and wet
in the summertime I am going to boil
tremendous pots of my saliva
I am going to drag you to the stove
I am going to palm the back of your head
I am going to push down
on your head until your nose dribbles
with my spit steam and you will yell
You will yell about me stopping
You will yell like a dumb idiot
I want the inside of your head to glow
with the frustrated pus of fear
and I am going to let up on your head
and then push down even harder
I am going to dunk your head into the pots
of boiling saliva until my hand burns
I am going to hurt myself to hurt you
because your suffering is my most valuable experience
Also you are very ugly
You would look more attractive
if you were mauled by the paws of a bear
and so I am going to maul you with bear paws
I am going to kill a bear and rip its arms off
and maul you with them
It will be so hot and humid and wet in the summer
The bear will squirm and run at things
The bear will bite at things
I am going to point the bear at you
and you will have to fight the bear with its own bear hands
You and the bear will become tired
and you will collapse together terrified
You will both be heaving for air
I will cuff your feet together with chains
Yes the bear will be angry
Yes the bear will only stop attacking when it is tired
but don't worry I will save you
I will shoot the bear with an arrow
and then I will abandon you
I will never let you be a corpse
I have too many plans


Basqui Simone's Line of Duty said...

Sinister. Reminds me of Frank Stanford. Those last two lines are chilling.

Jeremy Bauer said...

you're a hurt artist

DJ Berndt said...

this is super good.

shaun said...

fuuuuuuck that last line

Christopher said...

Quite fitting...

Christopher said...

...and, I love you.