March 19, 2011

Canticle of Mystery by Shaun Gannon

I pulled a nose hair out of my mouth
I knew it was a nose hair because I know my body
and I could sense it to be as such

I do not pick my nose and eat my findings
so I didn't understand how it got there
and this was very upsetting

I thought maybe it was a prank
and asked my roommates if they did this
but they all said the same thing

How would we get one of your nose hairs
without you knowing
And I didn't have an answer for that

Maybe it is a sign from god
Maybe god put a nose hair in my mouth
as an oblique response to my prayers

or even just to say
guess what faggot I can put the noise
into any vessel that I choose

but that doesn't stop it from being gross
You're gross, god
Also, don't say faggot


magick mike said...

this rules

Jeremy Bauer said...

i agree withe the laws of magic

Ras. said...

people should scold god more.
'i can put the noise'... badass.

Here is Joe McHugh said...

I agree about put the noise, faggot

Carolyn DeCarlo said...

swear to god i'm gonna have a nightmare about this