March 21, 2011

re mallory whitten by spencer madsen

girls like mallory whitten seem unfair
i am mallory whitten's friend on facebook
i requested her like i request other people
it was the same process, it was no different

i clicked through her photos
i do that sometimes with new friends

and its like totally unfair

that she wrote knife girl
a piece which i liked a lot

and that she is like really pretty

it seems through photos that she is dating jordan castro
or something

and that makes sense

i have one of his chapbooks
it was pretty good
but its like

let me date her..

do you know that its hard to find pretty girls who would write something like knife girl
there is a chance that i will meet mallory or jordan
having common friends and stuff

its a possibility that if we meet they will think of this
and i will be that guy
that guy that wrote that stupid piece
about how mallory whitten is totally unfair
whatever yo
doing the big work

just glad i spent the past fifteen minutes

writing this and not

wishing my grandma 

a really happy birthday


happy birthday grandma

this one is for you


P. H. M. said...

"girls like mallory whitten seem unfair"

Minus her name, you could really do something with "seem unfair."

mallory said...

it is my grandpa's birthday today, damn

this is flattering, thank you
going to link this places

poncho said...

spencer madsen rules

Anonymous said...

spencer madsen rules

Parker Baldin said...

this is the best poem i've read in a long time. im not even joking.