March 22, 2011

i never name names but you know your own and that is enough by poncho peligroso

i am trying extremely hard to be rational
because i know the alternative is worse
but i am going to publish this poem widely
as a passive-aggressive means of revenge

here is how i will publish it widely:

i am going to perform a conceptual stand-up comedy routine
i will tattoo this poem onto myself in large script on my torso
this line is instructing the media to print this in my obituary
there will be no audience or stage or microphone for this joke
i will put on a white full body spandex suit and nothing else
i will quietly lie down in a snow drift during a blizzard


shaun said...

>publish yourself widely
>tattoo this poem onto myself

r u callin urslef fat? poncho nooo ur beutiful no matter wut they say :)

DLessard87 said...


DLessard87 said...

How James Joyce Made His Name: A Reading of the Final Lacan (1995) by Roberto Harari, published by Other Press

DLessard87 said...

hearkens to your nomination theme.

poncho said...

dlessard, everything you do confuses me

DLessard87 said...

I hope not. Why do you say that?

poncho said...

okay not everything you do
but everything you type

Anonymous said...


Cassandra Troyan said...

DLessard87, are you Jimmy Chen?

Shannon Peil said...

damn yo ^

michael koh said...

^ nice