March 21, 2011


I was bored so I took a picture and cleaned the sink, looking for something to soak
What were we listening to or what was the day, a dull memory I barely remember like trying to soak up a sink and squeeze it clean
But saying that loses meaning of course, like wiping the boredom clean and sinking into the soak and I have fucked less sexual images out of boredom or looking to wipe something clean
But this image is bored and in the sink
This is possible
You are eating, unaware it seems that the picture is dull and we can’t hear the music or tell you what day it is or the meaning, unimpressed or bored or a memory barely remembered
You are eating and the food looks good
You are clean and the sink looks clean
You look unimpressed and the sexual images looks bored
You look unaware and have fucked less for meaning
And I squeeze into the sink with the memory to try and soak it in but you are unimpressed and eating
We were always eating, unimpressed but clean, unaware of what day it was or what we were listening to and bored of sexual meaning
This is still possible it seems

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