March 21, 2011

Computer Computer Turkeys by Matt Margo



the president. The turkeys’ friends’ names come forth—know,

sneeze, uh type. The turkeys know
names; uh areas of the typed


that came forth

and typed forth that

looked like a mineral in the gulf

uh forth.

The president
sneezes into the gulf; turkeys (with names?) look forth

and type interminably. They looked
into everything that the computer said—gulf! The typed gulf knew forth


minerals, presidents,


whatever. Typed: “Areas of everything,
of minerals, of whatever,
of uh friends, of names, areas of areas.”
Typed: “Whatever,
names, whatever
the gulf says
(and sneezes), minerals


the computer typed,


“Looked into the gulf

friends looked too.

whatever name,

whatever areas that know that

and gulfs know
areas; the world
of computers knows
that the computer typed: ‘Sneezes,

friends?’” A mineral
at that
world, interminable?
Now it steps forth, sneezes, looks

forth at the president’s computer,

interminable areas

come forth
from the gulf—whatever presidential
areas like that gulf?
Turkeys say

whatever the computer

says; look at the president and the gulf; know everything that says


interminable friends…

Look! The presidential
uh typed

typed forth that mineral,
that turkey,

that whatever! Typed.
knew and looked

In the gulf of the world, everything
“Looked at world areas,
whatever looked

forth, friends
that named areas
of the president.”

Everything typed: “Know,

look, sneeze, know—the computer
looks; the
world sneezes and says,

‘Know the world

that looked into everything,
at the president.’
Whatever looked into whatever—presidential world areas, types of friends, the gulf,
computers, the mineral gulf that came forth—that the president’s
friends sneezed into

areas with interminable names, uh areas…whatever.” Interminable friends know interminable
interminable presidents,
interminable areas,

interminable gulfs, interminable everything,

interminable whatever. The president says that he knows whatever his friends say they

uh know.

He sneezes onto
the presidential computer that types his name:

The gulf comes forth. The world looks at the names that turkeys typed;

that the uh mineral typed; that the president’s
uh friends typed; that the gulf typed; that everything typed
interminably—the interminable names of turkeys,

gulfs, turkey gulfs, and

whatever. The computer sneezes into areas of the gulf that the world of whatever mineral areas
drains forth unto everything. An area says, “Typed: ‘Mineral friends, president
computer friends, whatever friends step forth into the world with everything interminable:
interminable areas, interminable friends
that say uh whatever,
interminable names—interminable
sneezes!’” And then

minerals and
gulfs and computers interminably
move forth; interminably

look at

at everything within the world of everything:

names of worlds, everything named forth that says,

“Typed: ‘Uh interminable turkeys, interminable presidents, interminable uh computers
forth everything that whatever everything knows forth—

knows interminably that sneezing onto computers interminably and sneezing all over
friends’ areas are just the same as sneezing out minerals that know!’

Looked at a mineral,

The uh computer knows everything uh interminable: presidential areas,

presidential friends, presidential minerals, presidential names.
Looked at everything and named the president’s interminably typed
friends; the president knew

these interminable names

Whatever president,
whatever gulf,

whatever computer, whatever mineral: Come forth into the world and say that the gulf’s areas
sneeze out whatever names for this interminable world that is led
by the uh interminable president!
Say uh uh!
Know that

turkeys sneeze all over the president’s

uh friends.” The name of the president befriends

the world

of mineral friends;

says that

the turkeys

swam the gulf that uh

the president mineralized. Everything befriends the turkeys; sneezes; looks at
everything mineralized—the computer,
the gulf of everything
named forth,
the turkey that says the computer
will march forth. Everything looks forth

and says that the gulf looked like a bunch of turkeys sneezing onto everything.
The turkeys in their
mineralized areas say, “Uh whatever…
Whatever the mineral gulf typed
forth is whatever

the president’s friends say that
they know.

Look here, I say!

Look and know forth
the interminable areas of the mineral gulf:
world areas,

whatever areas

that the president says
computer sneezed out!”
Their friends say that

the computer’s friends are the computerized turkeys

that typed:

“Sneeze! Whatever. That uh gulf sneezes out turkeys, computers, and names, and says, ‘Uh turkeys in

interminable areas of the mineral computer world

looked forth;

said that

the gulf

looked like
a bunch of turkeys—everything interminable.’”

The gulf:

that turkeys look like me, the gulf

whose name knows forth
that the president

came forth and uh
looked into the gulf—

looked at the president’s own murky reflection—sneezed, and said, ‘Uh?’”
Typed: “A turkey

into the gulf whose name knows everything about the president. Then that mineralized area

of our interminably computerized world
says forth that uh

the president’s friends
know this world of ours.” Uh typed:
“Looked at computers, looked at minerals, looked at

turkeys, looked at the gulf, looked at
uh everything.”

Uh typed: “Computer? Name that gulf
whose friends typed forth

the uh name of the president

and discovered

everything about the world:
its names,

its presidents, its minerals,


at the president! Whatever friends of his typed forth
whatever typed names of theirs
that were given to everything, including turkeys.

Instead, the computer looks at the uh typed names of the area’s

mineralized turkeys!
The computer


onto everything; says

forth whatever interminable
names that the president gave to his computer.

Everything about this computer—
its areas, its sneezes, that gulf—
looks at all of the turkeys and says,

“Whatever… Whatever…


It knows that the president knows

everything. Its friends

sneeze all over the world; look at computers; type;

say that minerals
know of the gulf
and uh that computers
will never march forth
into the world
or any of its

computer computer



shaun said...

oh man this is CRAZY

>The presidential / world / uh typed / everything

>He sneezes onto / the presidential computer that types his name: / “President, / President…”

these and the "Uh typed:" lines owned the most, i think

also i just thought of a really dick comment to post, it would be just "uh" lol

Here is Joe McHugh said...

I started reading this in Joe Quimby's voice.