March 22, 2011

Holy Crap You Guys I Don't Even Know Right Now

1) We're over at now 
2) You'll need a WordPress account
3) All the stuff posted here is there too, and the project carries on

So, a thing that has come to light is that Blogger only allows up to 100 authors per blog. We are already more than halfway there! That is awesome but also terrifying. Because of this, we've decided to move to our own domain! features all your poems and comments up until this post, and has no limit on the number of posters allowed! Every person alive can poem there if they feel like it! Even dead people if they got to a computer in hell or something!

However, with awesome news always comes news that pisses you off. For example: you'll need a WordPress account to post at the new one instead!

So, because of this bullshit, we'll be sending out invites to all the currently-listed email addresses, and if they're not found in the WordPress database, you can let us know (again) at letpeoplepoems at gmail dot com when you've registered with WordPress, meaning, follow the same process you followed to post here, but with WordPress instead of Blogger.

By doing this, we can stay an open community of posters, and not become an elite cadre of first-comers who were first-served and are stuck with each other forever.

We hope that you'll be understanding with the situation; after all, it's all thanks to you that we have to do this! In fact, we blame you for this mess! Go on, get out of here! And don't come back without a WordPress account!

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The Friendly Gatekeeper said...

PS - If you're upset that you find out that your WordPress account is really out of date and embarrassing, well, sorry, but you really shouldn't be leaving that kind of shit lyin around on the internet like that. Here's your opportunity to go hide it!