March 21, 2011

i'm just glad you're paying attention by poncho peligroso

glare accusingly at a woman
touching an interactive art piece
and whisper that she's ruining it

as long as you're making that mortgage payment

has emma done well at the beach
have you taken her into the water
or into the waves as they come up

- poncho peligroso
of the internet
by verdict of google


michael said...

sun god

poncho said...

thank you michael

Jim Rowley said...

fabuloso peligroso

Beach Sloth said...


Alexander J. Allison said...

gallery etiquette should be taught in all posh schools.

stephen said...


i like it, ponch

P. H. M. said...
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stevie roggiebuckie said...

I;m raise my child

h said...

writing about a writer, this reminds me of that writer, in a good way