March 22, 2011

We Are Cold Under The Vapors by cassandra troyan

My grandmother is watching a talk show.

A woman in the audience excitedly claps and smiles and mouths,
There is belief in her eyes.

Went to Meijers.
There were three men in
full army fatigues buying donuts.
One had little glasses perched
on the edge of his nose,
inspecting a cruller.
He seemed pleased.

I walk to another aisle: ice cream.

Frozen yogurt? Really?
Who am I?
Will I eat this?

I will
eat this
against my will.
I will find a
to transpose
belief back into my eyes
the dry hinge of
my mouth.


DLessard87 said...

I enjoi. :)

Cassandra Troyan said...

Thank you, but your spamming of this blog is not very egalitarian, DLessard87

DLessard87 said...

I'm sorry about that. I'm not trying to spam it

J.V said...

I really love this ending, it is beautiful and when that period comes it feels so absolutely complete.Just wonderful.

shaun said...

cassandra has a point, you may not be TRYING to, but it sure looks like it's happening!

Shannon Peil said...

i would be pleased and expectant for a cruller

Cassandra Troyan said...

I'm sure you would Shannon.